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Conditions of Use

Publicly-accessible texts, images and sounds

While this Website is publicly-accessible, not all materials here available are in the public domain -- the majority of the images, texts and data are copyrighted to the American Museum of Natural History -- and a number of other texts and images are still copyrighted to their original print publishers or digitizers and made available here with permission. This complex set of copyrights requires that users exercise appropriate caution in making use of materials from the site.

We would like to caution users that use of separate elements of the site, out of context, may lessen their informative value; we will continue to make corrections, add tags, enhance descriptions, add images, etc. and, in general, the context in which our information is presented may be essential to understanding it. Thus, the separate use of pieces or subsets of our digital information - while possible -- may result in incomplete or even inaccurate understanding. We want the most current and complete information to be available to all users. Our responses to requests for permissions to use materials will reflect this concern. We have put great effort and expense into producing this site, and we hope the results are useful to a broad audience. Comments and feedback are welcome.

By their use of these texts and images, users agree to follow these conditions of use:

These texts and images may not be used for any commercial purpose without permission from the American Museum of Natural History Library. In general our responses to requests for use will be based on our assessment of the consistency of such requests with the overall Mission of the American Museum of Natural History.

Educators and researchers are welcome to print out items and distribute them to students or to otherwise use these materials for research or for formal / informal instruction. We request that full attribution be made to the American Museum of Natural History for all uses of this information and that to the degree it's possible users send us reports, either informal anecdotes or formal statistics, on use of our site or materials.

Individuals and institutions can, of course, make a link to this Website, subject to our conditions of use.

These texts can potentially be used as a test bed for the basis for additional mark-up/ tagging or for some other digital projects, but we ask that you contact us to discuss such uses, so that we can coordinate work and inform research efforts. We are also willing to make sets of our metadata available for use in other experimental efforts. Please contact us directly with such requests.

Our thanks are due to the many projects and individuals who have contributed to these collections. Credits are provided on the "About This Site/Credits" page of this Website. New works will be added on a continuing basis.

(The specific terms of some negotiated secondary licensing agreements are associated with texts and images on this site. Detailed files of all license agreements are maintained by the AMNH Digital Library).


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