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Serials and Monographs: Science

Guide de la section de l'Etat indépendant du Congo à l'Exposition de Bruxelles-Tervueren en 1897. Ouvrage publié sous la direction de M. le commandant Liebrechts par les soins du lieutenant Th. Masui; illustrations d'Amédée Lynen; cartes déssinées par Emile Mieroo; portraits de Blanc et Geruzet. Bruxelles: Imprimerie Veuve Monnom, 1897. xiv, 523 p., [3] leaves of plates (some folded): ill. (some col.); 26 cm.

From the title of this little book, it would appear that the Congo exhibit was but a part of the 1897 Brussels-Tervueren International Exposition. However, there are no other publications associated with the exposition, and no references to any but the Congo exhibit, so it seems that perhaps the Exposition was devoted wholly to the natural history, ethnology, industries, and description of the Congo.

Cornet, René Jules. Katanga; Le Katanga avant les Belges, et l'Expédition Bia -Francqui-Cornet. Bruxelles: Editions L. Cuypers, 1946. Edition 3. ed. revue et augmentee. 392 p. ill., maps, ports., plan, facsims. 23 cm. "Prix Foa de la Société de géographie de Paris (1945)".

Donny, Albert. Manuel du voyageur et du résident au Congo, rédigé sous la direction du général Donny. Bruxelles: Hayez, 1900-01. 3 v. illus. 25 cm.

Dutton, Joseph Everett and John Launcelot Todd. The nature of human tick-fever in the eastern part of the Congo free-state. London: Pub. for the University press of Liverpool by Williams& Norgate, 1905. 4 p.l., 26 p. iv pl., fold. map, diagrs. 28 cm.

Tick fever, sleeping sickness, and other relapsing illnesses were often blamed by the Congo government for the high death rate among Congolese natives. In fact, European and American visitors to the Congo died of these fevers at an alarming rate.

Frobenius, Leo, 1873-1938. Im Schatten des Kongostaates; Bericht uber den Verlauf der ersten Reisen der D. I. A. F. E. von 1904-1906, uber deren forschungen und Beobachtungen auf geographischem und Kolonialwirtschaftlichem Gebiet, mit 8 Kartenblattern, 33 Tafeln und ca. 318 Illustrationen und Gelandedarstellungen im Text; hrsg. und bearb. von Leo Frobenius. Berlin: G. Reimer, 1907. xiv, 468 p. illus., 33 pl. (partly col.) 8 maps (partly fold.) 27 cm. (Deutsche inner Afrikanische forschungs Expedition. Publikation, 1)

Though Frobenius published many more scholarly works on the anthropology of African peoples, this largely descriptive work covers his 1904-1906 expedition to the Congo. Page 295 includes an illustration of a black man being whipped with the infamous chicotte, a twisted whip made of hippopotamus hide.

Halkin, Joseph. Quelques peuplades du district de l'Uélé, état independant du Congo; monographies ethnographiques. Fascicule 1, Les Ababua. Liege, D. Cormaux, 1907.

Halkin's monograph on the people of the Uele district of the Congo would have been especially interesting to Lang, who was planning to focus his expedition on the northeastern areas of the Congo.

Lemaire, Charles Francois Alexandre. Tra Mez-Afriko. A travers l'Afrique centrale. Parolado kun projekcioj donita al la dua Universala kongreso d'Esperanto, en Genevo, je la sabato la de septembro 1906a, conférence avec projections donnée au 2me Congrès universel d'Esperanto, à Genève, le samedi 1er septembre 1906. [Bruges, Impr. scientifique A. J. Witteryck, 1907?]. 85p. illus., ports., map. 28 cm. French (printed in black) and Esperanto (printed in green) on opposite pages. In the Mrs. Dave H. Morris Collection.

Lemaire, Charles Francois Alexandre. Congo--vocabulaire pratique: français, anglais, zanzibarite (swahili), fiote, kibangi-irebou, mongo, bangala. Bruxelles: Impr. Scientifique Ch. Bulens, 1897. 47 p.; 27 cm. Microfilm. New York: New York Public Library, 1981. 1 reel; 35 mm.

Lemaire, Charles Francois Alexandre.. Mission scientifique du Ka-Tanga; résultats des observations astronomiques, magnétiques et altimétriques effectuées sur le territoire de l'Etat indépendant du Congo. [Bruxelles, 1901-08]. 17 v. in 6. illus. 33 cm. (Publications de l'Etat indépendant du Congo 17).

Lemaire, Charles Francois Alexandre. Mission scientifique Congo-Nil; résultats des observations astronomiques, magnétiques et altimétriques effectuées sur le territoire de l'Etat indépendant du Congo, du vendredi 5 septembre 1902 au vendredi 14 avril 1905. Avec une carte au millionième ... [Bruxelles, C. Bulens, 1906?]. vi, iii, ii, 53 p. incl. tables. 30 cm. (Publications de l'Etat independant du Congo.)

LeMaire, an officer of the Force Publique who fancied himself a scientist, kept a diary while he was in the Congo. This diary was published in 1986, prompting speculation that LeMaire was the model for Joseph Conrad's sadistic Colonel Kurtz. The diary reveals LeMaire's leadership in the murder and maiming of large numbers of Congolese natives by men under his command. He was also a staunch promoter of Esperanto, and at least one of his publications, Tra Mez-Afriko, a pamphlet published on the occasion of the 2nd Congress of Esperantists, is printed in both French and Esperanto, with the French in black on the left-hand page, and Esperanto in green on the right-hand page. Regardless of his administrative policies and linguistic abilities, however, his work was not apparently up to the American Museum's standard - none of his publications appear in that library.

Overbergh, Cyrille van. Les Mangbetu (Congo belge). Bruxelles, A. de Wit, 1909. xvi, 594 p., [4] leaves of plates illus., fold. map. 26 cm. (Collection de monographies ethnographiques, 4.)

The American Museum Congo Expedition paid special attention to the Mangbetu, whose art captured the imagination of Europe as soon as examples of it were brought out of the forest. The Mangbetu had a complex social system and were quite wealthy, with large structures, highly developed art, and elaborate personal ornamentation including tattoos, body paint, body modification (pointed skulls), scarification and hairstyles.

Piaggia, Carlo. Nella terra dei niam-niam (1863-1865): da i Viaggi di Carlo Piaggia nell'Africa centrale. [Lucca]: M. Pacini Fazzi, 1978.

Not published until 1978, Piaggia's diaries recount his year and a half among the Azande (sometime after 1860). During his time in northeast Congo, Piaggia traveled extensively, learned the Azande language, and developed a high opinion of his hosts, along with what would now be called liberal views on the effect of colonialism on the Congolese.

Poskin, A. L'Afrique équatoriale; climatologie, nosologie, hygiène. Avec de nombreuses figures et diagrammes et une carte du bassin du Congo. Bruxelles: Société belge de librairie [1897]. ix, 478 p. illus.

Schweinfurth, George August. The heart of Africa: three years' travels and adventures in the unexplored regions of Central Africa from 1868 to 1871. London: S. Low, Marston, Low, and Searle, 1873. 2 vol., illustrated, with maps.

Starr, Frederick. A bibliography of Congo languages. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1908. 97 p. front., plates, ports., facsims. (University of Chicago Dept. of Anthropology bulletin, 5). "Practically all the titles in our list represent the Bantu languages." 678 titles of which 391, marked with an asterisk (*), belonging to the author were (with exception of 17 missing and 13 retained by Mr. Starr) purchased by Harvard University Library in 1929. The purchase included also 11 titles not marked with an asterisk.

See note on Starr under "Politics".

Thonner, Franz. Im Afrikanischen Urwald; meine Reise nach dem Kongo und der Mongalla im Jahre 1896. Berlin: Reimer, 1898. 116 p. illus. Thonner studied the botany of the Congo, and this book, part travelogue, part field guide to plants, was almost certainly read by Herbert Lang.

Wildeman, E. de. Mission Emile Laurent (1903-1904). Bruxelles: Imp. F. Vanbuggenhoudt, 1905-07. 2 v. illus., CLXXXV pl., port., map. 29 cm.