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Congo bibliography: Pisces

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    Abstract: Usually, Tilapia rendalli is known as a macrophytophage. Meanwhile, the analysis of stomachal contents of 158 specimens shows that the species may behave itself as a planctonophage to fit to a heterogeneous breeding system. Indeed, the present study shows that important rates of phytoplanktons(particularly Ulothrimaceous, Zygnomiaceous, Diatomeous and desmideous) and zooplanktons(such as Entomostraceous and chironome larvae) have been observed in the stomach of young T. rendalli. The mean frequency of those phyto-and zooplanktons was respectively 55.0 +/- 15.1 p.100 and 12.0 +/- 5.1 p.100 of the individual daily ratio in fishes. As T. rendalli grow up, the consumption of various planktons decreases progressively for being replaced by plant scraps.
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