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American Museum Congo Expedition Inventory

This inventory provides an overview of the materials relating to the The American Museum Congo Expedition (1909-1915). Many of these materials have been digitized and incorporated into this web site. Others are available in the American Museum of Natural History Library or in various departments of the museum. The expedition was headed by mammalogist Herbert Lang and ornithologist James P. Chapin. Its purpose was to make a biological and zoological survey of the Congo; to collect specimens and ethnological material.

A. 1916 estimates of material collected by the Expedition:

Mammals: 5,800

Birds: 6,241

Reptiles & Batrachians: 4,800

Fishes: 5,400

Total of Vertebrates: 22,241

Invertebrates - land (including Entomology): 110,000

Molluscs: 8,000

Crustaceans: 4,000

(land and sea): 20,000

Myriapoda: 500

Arachnids: 5,000

Isoptera: 2,000

Coleoptera: 15,000

Hemiptera & Homoptera: 14,000

Hymenoptera: 20,000

Diptera: 8,000

Orthoptera: 1,500

Lepidoptera: 7,500

Ethnographical material: 3,800

Photographs (40 albums): 9,500

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