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D. Materials in Scientific Collections

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Notes/Further Description

3,865 Lang-Chapin artifacts

3,865 Lang-Chapin catalog records

Some 4,000 King Leopold artifacts

Archive material


1 folder:"Plans of Okondo's house" text and sketches on cards, approx. 3x4" "Toy top" text (Chapin's handwriting) and sketch of artifact # 90.1/3290 ABC.

3 notebooks: in one Hollinger box Cabinet 1, T2.

"Anthropology-Ethnology 1909-1912": 6x8" notebook, full. Lang's handwriting. Specimen numbers 1-1639.

6x8" notebook:full, Lang's handwriting. Specimen numbers 1640-2366.

Smaller notebook: only 26 pages used, Lang's handwriting. Specimen number 2367-3758

Notes/Further Description

13 folders of Lang's correspondence: mostly typed

7 notebooks, 5177 numbered descriptions of mammal specimens: handwritten and with AMNH Mammalogy numbers

Small mammal catalog 1-1920: (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

Small mammal catalog 1921-2628: (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

Large mammal catalog 1-639: (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

Large mammal catalog 640-1088: (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

Large mammal catalog 1087-1837: (not microfilmed)

Large mammal catalog 1838-2499: (not microfilmed)

Large mammal catalog 2500-2549: (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

2 notebooks cataloging: "skins sent to J. Clark"

1 catalog of photos taken, AMNH #'s 221000 - 227599: (photocopy in Special Collections)

1 notebook, Lang's expense record: (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

1 small notebook, "Accessories for okapi group": (also on microfilm, Special Collections #43)

1 typescript with hand annotations "MSS on botany prepared about 1922 by Dr. Joseph Bequaert, intended to be part of an introductory volume to series of papers on results of the Lang-Chapin Congo Expedition…": Photocopy in Library.

5177 specimens

Notes/Further Description

1452 "lot records"

1 field notebook

Notes/Further Description

6,241 bird specimens

1 Hollinger box archive material: 8 6x8" notebooks: 6,241 numbered descriptions of bird specimens, handwritten 6 3x5" notebooks: daily journals 4 smaller notebooks: scribbled notes 1 folder correspondence, about 100 pages typed & handwritten (some overlap w/Library)

Manuscripts: "Birds of the Belgian Congo" 1922 typescript of Part I, 417 pages (carbon) Part II, 78 pages, bound Map gazetteer of Congo place names, 100 pages

audiotapes: reminiscences told to E. T. Gilliard

typed transcript of audiotaped reminiscences

3 looseleaf binders of drawings, some of which may be Congo: Must be checked by date and/or location.

bound volumes of Chapin publications

Notes/Further Description

Lang's 1916 Annual Report: estimated 4,800 "Reptiles and Batrachians"

Between 4500 and 4700 data records in departmental database

1 Hollinger box archive materials · 3 notebooks: "Reptiles & Batrachians" specimens 1-1233. Approx. 100 pages, 6x8", full. · "Reptiles & Batrachians 1911-1914" specimens 1233-3080. Approx 100 pp, 6x8", full. "Reptiles & Batrachians 1914" specimens 3081-3431. 5x7", about 1/3 full.

1 folder, "Itinerary.": 2 leaves, legal size. Copy in Library, original in Herpetology

Notes/Further Description

632 cataloged lots of specimens: encompassing 3-4,000 specimens (non-molluscs)

632 catalog records: some in a database, all on cards

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