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CIA World Factbook

A site created by the Central Intelligence Agency with brief overview and facts of world countries, including Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo.

National Geographic Society's Congo Trek

Sponsored by the National Geographic Society, this site documents the findings and experiences of Conservationist Michael Fay and documented by NGS photographer Michael Nichols on their 1,200 mile Congo Trek.

The Congo Daily

An internet daily news source, The Congo Daily is part of the World News Network offering current news about the region.

Congo 2000

Congo 2000 is an information site in both English and French offering many resources relating to the Congo.

MBendi Information for Africa

MBendi, an internet company based in South Africa, offers an overview about the Congo and other countries in Africa.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The United Nations site for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Convention on Biological Diversity for Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Convention on Biological Diversity website for the "Clearing-House Mechanism of Democratic Republic of the Congo".